Eaglelight 5 Watt High Brightness Cree Led 35 Watt Replacement Bulb (E27)

5W High Brightness LED MR16 Light Bulb with Standard This 5W LED MR16 bulb fits in a normal E26 or E27 standard screw socket and runs on 110 120VAC. This allow you to place a LED MR16 in a normal screw in socket. Traditional track light MR16 bulbs run on 12VAC or 12VDC this bulb operates on normal household 110 120 voltage. This bulb can replace up to a 35W conventional light bulb. This 5W LED MR16 produces 265 lumen. LED bulbs last much longer then halogen bulbs and burn much much cooler. This MR16 has a stylish metal enclosure.
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